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DIARIO - 06/19/2008 - Boston

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DIARIO - 06/19/2008 - Boston

Mensaje por MaidenArgentina el 26/6/2008, 2:54 am


Starting this in the hotel room in Montreal on Saturday, it's about 3.30 local time and will be off to the show at the Parc Jean - Drapeau soon but want to get a start on this so I finish it tomorrow before we catch the plane back to London. Just sent off the Winnipeg/Regina diary so have finally caught up. It can be a hassle so I do hope there is someone out there reading this! I also sorted out the pics for Boston already and sent them in as there are quite a few this time as I tried to make up for previous few days when l was "off tour". There may not be many photos generally but hope you enjoy them, as they are after all quite exclusive!! By the way the guys tell me that Washington was excellent with one of the best crowds we have had here. About 10,000 and no mishaps fortunately so if you were there thanks.

Bad start to today though, we lost to NZ at both cricket and rugby. But let's not get into that.
So picking up again from where we left off in NY. Wednesday and Thursday was work during the day but met up with friends both evenings. Some told me that they had tried to get NY event shirts when they arrived and checked every MSG merch stand but all had sold out. Apparently some people were buying more than one l was later told when I checked it out. In fact some were buying a lot more than one, I heard that one particular individual bought SEVENTY and the Union vendors there let them!!! Guess where they went - funnily enough a number went on sale on eBay the next day at $80++ , whereas price at the show is standard lower end price of $35. Apparently a lot of tours are now going with $40+ Ts but we decided to hold lower for this tour to be fair to the fans. As events are for that show only we do limit the amount we print to some extent but still try to cater for demand. We only allow event shirts with dates and venues to be bought at the show, anything in Eddie's Megastore now does not have dates so as to differentiate with fans who were actually there, which we think is fair. A lot of people want these designs and some are so good, including NY, that it would be a shame to limit them completely.

However its bad enough having scalpers flogging our tickets at inflated prices and ripping off our fans without some "fans" doing the same with event shirts so from now on we will limit event shirt purchases to one only per person so more true fans can get them. We would prefer greedy people who come to our show and buy extra shirts just to sell at inflated prices not to bother showing up in future as it's unfair to real fans who want but then can't get them. We will also revise how many we print for certain shows so more can get them if they so wish. Sorry if you weren't able to get one this time round but as l said we are now making them available on our site although without dates.

Friday - Bruce, Davey and I took the plane up to Boston for the show at The Tweeter Centre. The rest of the band went direct from Washington but Dave and Bruce wanted to be in NY for the day off. Different plane again and a bigger one with 4 seats together round a table so will be handy for the card school that night when we make our final internal flight into Montreal.

We got to the show about 5 on a lovely day but with forecasts for storms later....again!! I took some time to take some pics for you guys and by showtime the atmosphere was fantastic with around 11,500 fans ready for it, even chanting for Eddie at one point and it's the first time l had heard that for a while!. We had a few problems early in the show: its quite a "bassy" stage so Steve was a bit predominant in Aces High but Dougie soon sorted that out and did a very good job here yet again with really good sound out front: then Nicko broke his snare drum so short stop while Charlie fixed it: then the cartridge in Bruce's mike went, and he has been using the same cartridge in this mike for 8 years he later told me. We didn't really lose any momentum though but with blowing the power at MSG too it would appear the band are having too much fun and getting overly enthusiastic and blowing everything up - power, mikes and drums!! These are all things that can happen even with the best of crews and we have a great crew so normally go many gigs without any mishaps but just now we seen to be getting more than our fair share. Will have to ask the band to calm down a bit!!

About 20 min before we went on though the heavens opened again similar to PNC, but again none of the fans, particularly the 5000 or so on the lawns, seemed at all perturbed. It quietened down from a torrent to a steady drizzle after a while but not too bad. And the audience were great, the band reckoning that the best USA audiences were San Antonio, Washington and tonight in Boston. That is not to say the others weren't really good, they all were, but will just have to raise their game a tad!!
Off to Montreal show now ....................

.............Sunday mid afternoon pick it up again with Musiqueplus on TV in the background, not live concert but interviews and videos of artistes appearing today. A bit surprised to see though that they also played the whole of our concert at Ullevi Stadium Gothenburg from a few years ago on Early Days tour. Looked great and I had all but forgotten what a fantastic audience the Swedish were that day.

After the Boston show we headed off to the airport and Montreal straight after the show and drinks and cards were out immediately. This was the last trip on the plane with everyone together so we doubled the stakes. I managed to win one and for a change "lucky man" Gadd didn't win any. Nicko and I are no longer speaking to Ian "King of the Prials" Day.

We intended to hit the hotel bar as we were there by 1.30am after just a 45 min flight. Customs and immigration were very friendly and got some autographs so unlike the palaver at airports normally we were fortunate to be "processed" fairly quickly. Sadly though the hotel was pretty poor, bar closed at 12, no minibars and it was a bit late to arrange cabs to go into the bar area of the Old Town. A few grumbles all round. Last show tomorrow so not such a bad thing.

So ends what was our most successful USA tour for many years. Lots of people, many young fans, and really good audiences, we all had a really good time so thanks everyone there who came along to support us.


Mail Man

An Independent man

Headless anonymous man caught reading nonsense!


Tres Amigos even tie their shoe laces together, though I'm not sure what Bruce is doing!

Nicko's most important piece of kit!



Gadd caught on camera cheating again!


The sound team

and lighting team.

The lively Kat with her two minders.

Shit, is it really that loud?!?

It wasn't me, honest!!!

Now this is how you should stand on stage, says Squid.

Boomer with NY event shirt
Nivel 12 - Alexander The Great

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